DTEK Consulting Services Ltd.

Alberta, Canada

About Us

DTEK Consulting Services Ltd. is a software development, consulting company. We strongly encourages our consultants to work on independent research and development projects, and find practical business uses for new technologies. We go to great efforts to strengthen our consulting skills, and keep pace with the ever changing IT industry, in order to provide top quality professional services to our clients.

Current initiatives include a recreational shopping experience website, called DTEK Online Store which explores approaches to hosting an eCommerce website with a React front end, in Azure. DTEK Online Store also serves to explore common well known eCommerce web development patterns, such as the shopping cart, and how to implement them with React component state management.

Recent initiatives included the AzureDev Project, to explore the Azure cloud hosting platform, which resulted in this AzureDev website. The AzureDev website serves as a pilot project to demonstrate the feasibility of migrating dotnet web based applications currently hosted on premises with IIS in Windows Server, and reprogramming them to run serverless in the cloud. It also serves as the company's corporate website; and as a reference application for Azure development using C#.NET.

To learn more, full documentation for the AzureDev Project, and for the DTEK Online Store, have been published online (see the Documentation menu at the top of this page). The source code for both projects are not published because they contain sensitive and proprietary company information. However, our consultants do have access to DTEK's internal source code repositories and development templates, and have permission to use them with discretion for client projects.

- DTEK Online Store - late night, recreational shopping made easy - open 24 hours