DTEK Consulting Services Ltd.

Alberta, Canada

About us

DTEK Consulting Services Ltd. is an established software development consulting company, with a fifteen-year history serving the I.T. community in Alberta, Canada.

When hiring a DTEK consultant, you, the client, get dependable software development expertise that comes from experience, on-going training, and a commitment to professionalism.

Professionalism in I.T.

DTEK's core company values are built upon a foundation of I.T. professionalism. We support professional I.T. certification through CIPS, Canada's association of I.T. professionals since 1958. To become certified by CIPS, in addition to following a rigorous application process, an I.T. practitioner must abide by the CIPS code of ethics, and must uphold responsibility to the I.T. profession. The ITCP certification from CIPS has been reviewed and accredited by the International Federation for Information Processing as meeting the internationally recognized, vendor-neutral, IP3P standard.

DTEK's company policy is to encourage, motivate and support our consultants, to acquire and maintain professional I.T. certification through CIPS. Thereby providing you, our client, with the highest level of trust and integrity for our services.

Our business model

DTEK’s business model is for consultants to alternate between providing consulting services to clients, and keeping their skills current by completing professional development activities such as training courses, projects, research and development. Our consultants typically work with one client at a time, and dedicate all of their effort, to only that client.

When completing professional development activities, in addition to independent study, courses and training, our consultants work on research and development initiatives (see below) to build upon and grow DTEK’s internal I.T. systems, experimenting with and exploring the use of software engineering and design principles, for practical business uses.

Research and development initiatives

Recent research and development initiatives include AzureDev and the Online Store.

The AzureDev project, was created to explore the Azure cloud hosting platform, which resulted in the website you are currently seeing. This website serves as a pilot project to demonstrate the feasibility of migrating dotnet web-based applications currently hosted on premises with IIS in Windows Server, and reprogramming them to run serverless in the cloud. It also serves as the company's corporate website; and as a reference application for Azure development using C#.NET.

DTEK Online Store

DTEK Online Store was research and development initiative to create a recreational shopping experience website, called DTEK Online Store. It explores approaches to building an eCommerce website with a React front end, hosted in the Microsoft Azure cloud. DTEK Online Store also serves to explore common well known eCommerce web development patterns, such as the shopping cart, and how to implement them with React’s component state management.

To be clear, no actual commerce is conducted through the DTEK Online Store. No money, or goods and services are traded. It is a simulation of a shopping experience — a recreational activity. It allows the user to "buy" all kinds of things without actually spending any money. It’s based on a controversial belief that the activity of shopping itself, is therapeutic.

More Information

If you would like to learn more, full documentation for the AzureDev project, and for the DTEK Online Store are publicly and freely published online:

The source code for these, and other, internal company projects are not published, in order to protect proprietary company information. However, our consultants have full access to the company’s internal source code repositories, and are encouraged to apply the expertise from our internal code base, to help solve difficult problems encountered on client projects.

From humble beginnings

Rob at work

Owner and founder, Rob Das, created DTEK Consulting Services Ltd in 2009, after working for many years as an I.T. consultant in some of the best I.T. consulting companies in Edmonton.

Building on this solid background, Rob continues to provide high quality, dependable, professional, consulting services. Rob's area of expertise is designing, developing and supporting enterprise level I.T. systems and has worked as a consultant for organizations in both the public and private sectors, government, manufacturing, and utilities industries. Rob is a fullstack web developer with the Microsoft technology stack.


By providing the benefits of decades of experience, on-going training, and commitment to professionalism, DTEK Consulting Services Ltd. is able to provide you, the client, with the trusted assurance of dependable, high quality I.T. consulting services.


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- DTEK Online Store - late night, recreational shopping made easy - open 24 hours